Ray Leathern (motoring journalist)

Editor in chief Autocirca.com


I guess the maroon, Z28 Chevy Camaro I used to powerslide around my dinner plate, every night as a child was probably to blame. That and David Hasselhoff maybe… Goodness knows it wasn’t the first car I had the misfortune of paying money for that made me fall in love with motoring. A white, 1964 Beetle that I had to leave, one night on the side of the road somewhere, so it could meet its maker (Ferdinand Porsche presumably, though with this one I’m not so sure). Whatever the source of this love for cars, it’s a guilty pleasure that never fails to distract from my ‘proper job,’ because it is my job. Member of the SA Guild of Motoring Journalists, if there’s a motoring publication out there; I’ve been featured in it. Enjoy Autocirca.com




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